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Friendly Reminder: COVID-19 cases within the facility will result in an undetermined closure, based on personnel effected  

If you have any questions about the calendar or need to notify us of any corrections, please call us at 907-486-5317.

St. Paul Preschool
2021-2022 School Calendar


August 27th

Closed-Deep Clean/Room Reset

August 28th

Open House!! 11-1

August 30th

First day of School!

September 6th

Closed- Labor Day

September 24th

Closed- Inservice/Deep Cleaning
October 22nd

Closed- Inservice/ Deep Cleaning

November 25th & 26th

Closed- Thanksgiving
December 23rd & 24th

Closed- Christmas

December 31st

Closed- Inservice/ Deep Cleaning

January 28th

Closed- Inservice/ Deep Cleaning

February 18th

Closed- Inservice/ Deep Cleaning

March 17th & 18th

Closed- Spring Break

April 15th

Closed- Inservice/ Deep Cleaning

May 26th

Closed- Last Day of School!

May 27th-31st

Closed- Deep Cleaning/Room Resets